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Strategic Masterplan Assessment

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Download a pdf of the recording form which includes a compartment map

Please use this form in the field to write down your bird and mammal records for Pennington Flash. Data can be submitted after your visit using the online form and interactive map below. The collection of accurate information will inform the development of a long-term strategic master plan that aims to build on the ornithological and biodiversity value of the site, as well as contributing to the five yearly review of this Grade A Site of Biological Importance (SBI).

We ask for your email address so that we may contact you if we need to discuss any of the records you have submitted today. If you register and login you won't be asked for these details again. You will also be able to upload photos and files associated with your records and retrieve all of your previously entered records via the 'Reports' page at any time.


We've tried to keep things as simple as possible. Once you submit a record it appears in the 'Saved records' section below with a record id. This means that your record(s) are safe on our server. Once you've finished submitting all of your records you can just close this page and we'll do the rest.

Where were the birds first seen (if flushed)

The records you have submitted will appear here.

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